Most small businesses do not have the resources or need for a full-time IT staff, so when there are issues with their technology systems, they’re often left scrambling. When these situations arise, businesses have few choices; they usually end up relying either on one “super user” in the office who may know more than the average person about computers but lacks the formal knowledge and training to ensure that future problems won’t arise, or contracting with a company that charges exorbitant rates for subpar service.

  • Hardware troubleshooting and repair
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Backup

At The Computer Guy of Nashville, we understand that Information Technology directly impacts your bottom line. Whether you need help with the workstations in your office, your network, security, backup and data redundancy, or business applications, The Computer Guy of Nashville will take care of your IT needs so you can focus on running your business.

If the technology systems in your office are distracting you from your day to day tasks, contact The Computer Guy of Nashville today.


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