The Computer Guy of Nashville was founded in 2012 by Doug Altenbern. For most of his life, Doug had been the “go-to” guy for family and friends when they needed help with technology in their home. Then one day, while making one of many trips to his grandparents’ house to help with their computers, Doug’s grandfather mentioned that every time he was with friends, they all seemed to share the same difficulties they were having with their computers and the struggles they’ve had with the getting technical support.  Knowing that Doug has a natural ability with computers, and a desire to help others, the elder Altenbern (who once ran a computer services company himself) suggested that Doug start a business to help people in the Nashville area with their IT needs. After some market research confirmed a clear demand for professional, flexible, and cost-effective in-home IT help was in need, The Computer Guy of Nashville was born! 

Doug was born and raised here in Nashville, and attended Montgomery Bell Academy and the University of Georgia. After spending several years working in the healthcare industry, Doug decided to take advantage of his talents and training to help users like you get the most out of their technology.


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